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Cushing's horse

Nutrition of Horses with Cushing’s Disease

Many horses with Cushing’s disease (also called pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction, PPID) also have insulin resistance (IR), though not all do.

KER Research

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body condition in show horses

How Does Body Type Relate to Insulin Level in Performance Horses and Ponies?

This study was conducted to quantify whether body condition was related to resting insulin, glucose, and triglycerides.


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Sick horse laying down

Botulism in Horses: Manage Pastures, Hay to Reduce Risk

One of the deadliest toxins that horses may encounter is made by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Some strains of these bacteria live in the soil, while others are found in bird droppings and animal carcasses.

General Interest

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Understanding the Speed Gene in Thoroughbred Horses

Horse breeders, owners, and trainers would welcome an answer to the question, “What makes one horse faster than another?” Investigations into the equine genome have found some genes that are particularly related to speed.