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DNA double helix

Tracing Genetic Material from Mares and Stallions

Gender in horses is determined by the sex chromosomes inherited from a foal’s parents. Chromosomes carried in the sex cells carry DNA that holds the blueprint for a developing embryo.

KER Research

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measuring hindgut acidity

Will a Hindgut Buffer Nutritionally Support Horses that Eat a High-Grain Diet?

This study was designed to test the efficacy and safety of feeding a protected sodium bicarbonate product to treat hindgut acidosis in horses fed a high-grain ration.


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Side view of horse back

Correcting Kissing Spines in Horses

Some horses that show signs of back pain are diagnosed with a condition known as kissing spines. A study in Sweden evaluated surgery performed on standing horses rather than using general anesthesia.

General Interest

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Combustible Dust in Horse Barns

Dust explosions can occur when a source of ignition (spark, flame, hot surface) is introduced into an area with a suitable concentration of tiny particles of something that will burn or oxidize.