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NRM Focus

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NRM: Omega-3s Beneficial to Joint Health

NRM: Omega-3s Beneficial to Joint Health

Recently, some of the world’s most experienced arthritis researchers collaborated to better define the impact of a diet enriched in omega-3 fatty acids on joint disease.


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horse bone health

Vitamins for Bone Health in Horses

While vitamin D gets the lion’s share of attention for equine bone health, other vitamins are just as important, including vitamins A, C, and K.

KER Research

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body condition in show horses

How Does Body Type Relate to Insulin Level in Performance Horses and Ponies?

This study was conducted to quantify whether body condition was related to resting insulin, glucose, and triglycerides.


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equine airway disease

Fish Oil and Corticosteroids for Airway Disease in Horses

According to a recent study, many horses need more than just corticosteroid anti-inflammatories to improve airway health.

General Interest

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stallion management

Seasonality May Affect Semen Quality in Stallions

One research group recently questioned whether other factors, such as ambient temperature, contribute to alterations in stallion fertility and semen quality observed from season to season.